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Preparing Your Trail for Accreditation

Before applying for accreditation make sure your trail is ready. Here is a quick checklist you may wish to address:

  • Trail obstructions – remove blowdowns, rock falls, etc.
  • Brushing – cut back as required to keep trail corridor open, cut woody and annual growth
  • Weed and alien vegetation removal as required
  • Water Bars – clear as required
  • Litter removal and clean-up
  • Huts and Shelter areas are clean and functioning
  • Signage and Blazes – repaint as required, ensure all signage is visible and accurate
  • Ensure water sources are accessible and clean
  • Close off abandoned trail sections and any short cuts on switchbacks
  • Address all safety issues
  • Blazes, markers, cairns and posts – check appropriate frequency, position, readability
  • Trailheads – road directional signs, parking area, ablution blocks, litter, etc.
  • Bridges and Stiles – ensure safety
  • Shelters and Huts – check evidence of leaks, repairs needed, painting required, or evidence of unauthorized use
  • Check condition of showers, toilets, taps, tables, etc.
  • Fire Pits and Grates – clean and repair as needed
  • Check if  trail contact information is correct on signage and marketing material