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Rewarding trails that demonstrate responsible management and
environmental accountability, undertaking relevant risk and safety
assessments and communicating accurate trail information.

Announcement: Website Update

Our website is undergoing a major rebuild. Please be patient as we update all elements of Green Flag Trails with a completely revised system for trail assessments, new teaching manuals and our new Trails Atlas of Green Flag Trails.

In the mean time we are looking forward to offering our next in-person training course at the World Trails Conference in Skiathos, Greece.

About Green Flag Trails

Green Flag Trails is an international standard for trail accreditation, to enhance public awareness of and confidence in trails. The system ensures well managed and environmentally accountable trails remain a valued and on-going resource for access to nature, recreation and trail sports, for health and tourism and the many benefits trails offer local communities.

The system is designed to meet the needs of trail users in relation to trail information, difficulty grading and skills and trail classification. Green Flag Trails is also a tool for trail managers who wish to receive objective trail assessments and to have their trail recognized as being under responsible management. 


Accredited Green Flag Trails
Meet Four Criteria

Responsible Management

Accurate Trail Information

Environmental Accountability


Risk and Safety Monitoring

Next In-Person Assessor Training Course

We look forward to hosting our first in-person training since the pandemic. This short 2 day training will take place as workshop at the World Trails Conference in Skiathos, Greece: 30 Sept- 1 Oct 2022. 

With Green Flag Trails Expert Groups in 5 regions, we are slowly
building a global community championing sustainable, accredited
and much loved trails everywhere. 

Assessment Criteria

Green Flag Trails work towards sustainable trail development, where the trails accredited are assessed against multiple sustainability indicators. . .
Updates in progress

Train as a Trail Assessor

Train to become a Green Flag Trails Assessor. Become part of a growing global community of professionals and volunteers who care for trails . . .
Updates in progress

Quality Trail Experiences

Quality experiences on a trail are often related to the trail meeting the trail users prior expectations, with no major surprises in the trail’s condition. . .
Updates in progress

Informed Choice

With all relevant and appropriate information relating to a trail’s infrastructure, features and highlights well communicated, trail users can make . . .
Updates in progress

Previous Training Course in Kythera, Greece

Watch our short video with a dynamic team of international trail champions
training to become  Green Flag Trails Assessors in Kythera, Greece.

Administration of the System
The Green Flag Trails System is overseen by an international group of independent trail experts, under the auspices of the World Trails Network’s Trails & Tourism Task Team. 

Goals and Objectives into the Future
The team is working towards a globally credible, robust and reputable system for accrediting and monitoring environmentally sustainable managed trails and the verification of accurate and relevant trail descriptions and data. A focus on defining risk and safety elements helps ensure trail users can make informed choices as to which trails will most suit their needs, levels of experience and skill. 

Global Partnerships
We are exploring global partnerships with innovative brands and sponsors to further develop the system.

A diversity of trails and trail issues and a diversity of solutions,
encouraging responsible trail custodianship around the world.