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List of Accredited Green Flag Trails  - Please note the atlas and individual trail pages are currently being updated as we migrate our website to a new platform. Please visit again on 14 February 2022 for the full list of trails.

Our map below is still being updated with all trails that have received Green Flag Trail status, please be patient as we list all Green Flag Trails here.

Put your trail and region on the map by becoming a Green Flag Trails partner in your region. Apply here to partner with us to bring Green Flag Trails to your country.

Participating Countries

Green Flag Trails is active in the countries listed below. We are continually adding new regions to the atlas. Please click here to find out how you can bring Green Flag Trails to your country.



Trails that are responsibly managed, environmentally accountable and accurately marketed will be sustainable and more loved in the long run.   

Green Flag Trails accreditation provides public recognition of trails that are:

    • engaged in long-term responsible management
    • display accurate trail information
    • are environmentally accountable in the interests of the public good.

Green Flag Trails accreditation raises public awareness of and confidence in trails that ensures their on-going legacy for access to nature, recreation and movement. 


Watch this short video and discover how a team of dynamic trail champions became Green Flag Trails Assessors on a training programme in Kythera, Greece.


Assessment Criteria

Green Flag Trails work towards sustainable trail development, where the trails accredited meet strict criteria. Green Flag recognizes trails that meet minimum. . .
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Train as a Trail Auditor

Train to become a certified Green Flag Trails Auditor. Become part of a growing global community of professionals and volunteers who care for trails . . .
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Quality Experiences

Quality experiences on a trail it are often related to the trail meeting the trail users prior expectations, no surprises in trail condition, the type of accommodation, or the . . .
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Informed Choice

With all relevant and appropriate information relating to a trail’s infrastructure, features and highlights well communicated, trail users can make . . .
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Administration of the System
The Green Flag Trails System is overseen by an international group of independent trail experts, under the auspices of the World Trails Network’s Trails & Tourism Task Team. 

Vision and Objectives
The team is working towards a globally credible, robust and reputable system for accrediting and monitoring environmentally sustainable managed trails and the verification of accurate and relevant trail descriptions and data. A focus on defining risk and safety elements, helps ensure trail users can make informed choices as to which trails will most suit their needs, levels of experience and skill.