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hiking granitis trail

Granitis Trails is a two trails network of 21km and 9km respectively. It is situated in a mountainous region of Greece, in Macedonia region. The trails were first established as a race and then opened up to the wider public for hiking. They have been accredited with the Green Flag Trail Status in November 2021.

Green Flag Trail Status:

“The two Granitis Trails (Granitis Trail 21km and Granitis trail 9km can be awarded Green Flag status. They are well maintained and relatively well waymarked. The trails vary from moderate to very difficult, self-guided, day-walks in a pristine environment with the main purpose of providing a walking in nature experience and accessing dense forest, mountain peaks, views and flora. Wild animals can also be expected on some sections of the trails.”


Trail Description The trail “Granitis Trail 21k” is being marketed as a very difficult, self-carry, self-guided, day-walk in a natural environment.

The Trail “Granitis Trail 9k” is being marketed as a moderate, self-carry, self-guided, day-walk in a natural environment.

Overall Trail Status 1. These trails are mainly running trails, with a possibility to be used by advanced hikers.

2. They are disconnected from other trails in the area.

3. It is a well known trail system in the area especially for the race, as it is considered to be one of the topmost difficult running trails in Greece.