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List of Accredited Green Flag Trails  - Please note the atlas and individual trail pages are currently being updated as we migrate our website to a new platform. Please visit again on 14 February 2022 for the full list of trails.

Our map below is still being updated with all trails that have received Green Flag Trail status, please be patient as we list all Green Flag Trails here.

Put your trail and region on the map by becoming a Green Flag Trails partner in your region. Apply here to partner with us to bring Green Flag Trails to your country.

Participating Countries

Green Flag Trails is active in the countries listed below. We are continually adding new regions to the atlas. Please click here to find out how you can bring Green Flag Trails to your country.



Trail Feedback Survey Poster

To display this Trail Feedback Survey link in your trail huts or at the end of your trail, to receive on-going trail user feedback, please download and follow the print instructions:

  1. Download and save.
  2. Print the label on vinyl stickers or thick paper at 60% of original size.
  3. If you have any challenges with this, please contact us on