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Summary of Trail Accreditation Procedure

1. Application and assessment

Once you complete the application form below, the following steps will kick in:

  1. Green Flag Trails assessors in your region, will be contacted and invited to quote to complete the assessment of your trail.
  2. The system will send you 2 -3 quotes for your consideration.
  3. Once you appoint an assessor, they will arrange with you or your trail manager to set a date to come and complete the fieldwork and data collection on your trail.
  4. The assessor and their assistant will then complete the fieldwork, analyze the data and write up a comprehensive Green Flag Trails Report.
  5. The report will be shared with you for comments before it gets submitted to the Green Flag Trails – Quality Control Committee.
  6. Once the report has been verified and accepted by the Quality Control Committee, you will then be issued with your Green Flag Trails certificate and sent the corresponding marketing material to put up at your trailhead and use on your website.
  7. Your trail will be listed on the Green Flag Trails Atlas and shared via our various communications channels.

2. Expected costs involved

The total costs to accredit a trail are based on the following: 

A)  Assessment
The daily consulting rate for fieldwork by the certified Green Flag Trails assessor, is in addition to the above costs and will include return travel costs to the trailhead. The total amount will vary based on the length and complexity of the trail, and will be covered in the quote submitted to you for consideration.

B)  Accreditation Fees
The accreditation is conferred by the Green Flag Trails Quality Control Committee. This fee is payable to World Trails Network and covers marketing material, calculation of the trail’s difficulty rating and web listing. The accreditation fee will vary from country to country, and is based on the total kilometer length of the trail. These rates will be supplied on application.

3. Complete the application to begin the process