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Granitis Trail – 9 km

Trails Atlas  >  Greece  >  Macedonia


4 hours

8.3 Km

Exertion Level

Skills Required
Advanced Hiking 

Heed Warnings

Trail Overview

This trail is classed as a very difficult day hike of 10 hours duration. The trail is marked with some signs, pointing in one direction only. No walking times are given on the signs. The trail is visible in most parts. It is a trail runner and expert hiker trail with an emphasis on nature and scenic exploration. The area is frequented by wolves and bears and any warnings about walking with such animals should be heeded. Hikers should also be warned about shepherds’ dogs. The trail is in a dominant pristine wilderness and natural environment with botanical and wildlife interests.   



Trail Description

Granitis Trails is a two trails network of 21km and 9km respectively. It is situated in a mountainous region of Greece, in Macedonia.

The trails were first established as a race and then opened up to the wider public for hiking.

The two Granitis Trails (Granitis Trail 21km and Granitis trail 9km) are well maintained and relatively well waymarked. The trails vary from moderate to very difficult, self-guided, day-walks in a pristine environment with the main purpose of providing a walking in nature experience and accessing dense forest, mountain peaks, views and flora. Wild animals can also be expected on some sections of the trails.

1. These trails are mainly running trails, with a possibility to be used by advanced hikers.

2. They are disconnected from other trails in the area.

3. It is a well known trail system in the area especially for the race, as it is considered to be one of the topmost difficult running trails in Greece.

Elevation Profile

Gear and Equipment Required
Hiking boots, long trousers, hat, sunscreen, hiking poles, torch, whistle and lots of water.

Trail Certification
Green Flag Trails is an accreditation programme that seeks to offer trail users all the information they need to ensure the trail meets their expectations, while at the same time offering trail managers an essential tool to objectively assess trail conditions.

Trail Assessment and Monitoring
The regular assessment of trails helps ensure timely maintenance and upkeep is undertaken. Increases safety of trail users. Helps trail managers know what is happening on their trails. 

A sustainable trail is a trail that can continue delivering benefits to users and local communities over many decades, and does not have any adverse impact on the environment in which it is situated.