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List of Accredited Green Flag Trails  - Please note the atlas and individual trail pages are currently being updated as we migrate our website to a new platform. Please visit again on 14 February 2022 for the full list of trails.

Our map below is still being updated with all trails that have received Green Flag Trail status, please be patient as we list all Green Flag Trails here.

Put your trail and region on the map by becoming a Green Flag Trails partner in your region. Apply here to partner with us to bring Green Flag Trails to your country.

Participating Countries

Green Flag Trails is active in the countries listed below. We are continually adding new regions to the atlas. Please click here to find out how you can bring Green Flag Trails to your country.



1. Apply to Have Your Trail Accredited by Green Flag Trails

Please complete the application form here to initiate a Green Flag Trails assessment of your trail and to receive a full report to assist you in your ongoing management plan and marketing communications. 

APPLY HERE – To begin your trail assessment process.

A coordinator will be in contact for further information to assist in obtaining quotes from various independent certified Green Flag Trail assessors.

The cost of a Green Flag Trails accreditation is influenced by the:

  • number of hiking days required to complete the trail assessment.
  • trail’s remoteness.
  • travel costs involved for the closest available certified assessor to travel to the trail and back.
  • weather conditions.

Once you have selected a quote and agreed to the accreditation fees, we will put the trail assessors in contact with you to set a date for the assessment process to begin.


2. Bring Green Flag Trails to Your Country

The appeal and support for the Green Flag system is growing with assessed trails now in a number of countries. With international scope Green Flag Trails aims to help ensure the global trail sector becomes more sustainable and that quality responsibly managed trails become the norm.

Internationally the Green Flag system has assessed trails in Greece, Peru, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and St.Helena. Trails in Namibia and Nepal have recently applied for Green Flag status and their first major Himalaya trek, the Annapurna Panoramic Trail has been certified as a Green Flag Trail.

APPLY HERE FOR A NEW COUNTRY – We will contact you to implement Green Flag Trails in your country.