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Training Courses

We regularly run Green Flag Trails trail auditor training courses in various locations around the world. Train to become a certified Trail Auditor using the Green Flag Trail Auditing System.

Apply here to join a training group to become a Green Flag Trails auditor.

Please email us for information on upcoming courses in Taiwan, Mediterranean and South Africa. Alternatively apply here to book a custom training for your trail organization or a group of trail experts in your country.

Previous courses offered in 2019

4 -11 October 2019

Place: Kythera Island, Greece
Duration: 8 Days
Includes: Accommodation, certain meals, transport to start of trails, 2 instructors, printed materials, certificates, and much more. 

Cost: Standard rate: $680pp 


20 October 2019

Place: Tswane, South Africa
Duration: 2 Days
Cost: Standard rate: $80pp 

Click here for more details and to register


14 November 2019

Place: Cape Town, South Africa
Duration: 2 Days
Cost: Private Training for South African National Parks (SANParks)

Click here for more details and to register

Why do we need auditors for trails?

Trails are not a high profile tourism activity that generates direct income, unless the trail is part of a permit system. Consequently trail management authorities do not pay sufficient attention to trails and their quality as they could. The result is degradation and poor trail experiences. All avid trail users are motivated to see to it that trail quality is enhanced – for themselves and for future generations. It is up to the trail users to ensure that quality is retained.

Dedicated motivated trail custodians are needed to do inspections of trails and to recognize those who show responsibility towards the environment and towards the trail experience.

Who should consider training as a Trail Auditor using Green Flag?

Trail Owners and Managers:
Trail managers will benefit from trail auditing training as it focuses on the primary standards trails aught to meet to ensure they are environmentally sustainable. Timely repair and maintenance of trails saves money and costly repair work down the line. Green Flag Trail Auditing helps owners appreciate and identify critical trail indicators.

Tourism Authorities
Well managed and accredited tourism activities are a boost to any destination. Ensuring a region’s tourism products meet international standards of responsible management, results in increased visitors and improved services. The value of certification of outdoor recreational products boosts tourism activity and gives a destination confidence in marketing its tourism brand, knowing its trail offerings are responsibly managed and sustainably maintained.

Trail Users:
Trail users benefit from Green Flag Auditor Training as they can go on to assist on volunteer trail repair crews and take direct responsibility for improving their favourite outdoor recreational infrastructure.


A certificate of competence is issued to all auditors who complete the course successfully and submit their reports and pass the examination.