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Who should consider training as a Green Flag Trails Assessor?

Trail Owners and Managers
Trail managers will benefit from our trail assessment training as it focuses on the primary standards trails aught to meet to ensure they are environmentally sustainable, managed for risk and convey accurate information. Timely repair and maintenance of trails saves money and time. Green Flag Trail Assessment Reports help owners appreciate and identify critical trail issues well in advance.

Tourism Authorities
Well managed and accredited tourism activities are a boost to any destination. Ensuring a region’s tourism products meet international standards of responsible management, that result in increased visitors and improved services. The value of certification of outdoor recreational products boosts tourism activity and gives a destination confidence in marketing its tourism brand, knowing its trail offerings are responsibly managed and sustainably maintained.

Trail Users
Trail users benefit from Green Flag Trails training as they can go on to assist on volunteer trail repair crews and take direct responsibility for improving their favourite outdoor recreational infrastructure.

What does it take to be a Green Flag Trails Assessor?

Anyone can train with us who is confident in gaining new skills with expert training and fieldwork. The following are recommended abilities and skills:

  • a good level of hiking fitness
  • willing to learn how to use a GPS or other fieldwork equipment
  • able to write a comprehensive report based on data gathered on the trail
  • willing to travel to remote trails
  • ability to give critical feedback and debate trail conditions to justify their report finings
  • keen observation skills
  • ability to work with calculations (they are easy)
  • follow-through and professional attitude

A certificate of competence is issued to all auditors who complete the course successfully and submit their training reports and pass the examination.


1. Attend a Regular Training Course

We regularly run Green Flag Trails trail assessment training courses in various locations around the world. Train to become a certified Trail Assessor using the Green Flag Trails system.

We are launching our new standards in July 2021 and will have an online course available for this.

Apply here to join a training group to become a Green Flag Trails auditor.

Please email us for information on upcoming courses in Taiwan, Mediterranean and South Africa. Alternatively apply here to book a custom training for your trail organization or a group of trail experts in your country.


2. Train Your Trail Staff with a Custom In-House Course

If you are a bigger trail association or government agency with multiple staff in the field responsible for trail maintenance and development, we offer special rates for large groups who wish to train as Green Flag Trail Assessor.

APPLY HERE – To schedule a training workshop.

Upcoming courses – due the global pandemic our next courses in EU and South Africa will be confirmed once travel restrictions are open.

2021 TBC

Place: TBC
Duration: 3 Days
Includes: Accommodation, certain meals, transport to start of trails, 2 instructors, printed materials, certificates, and much more. 

Cost: TBC

Click here for more details and to register