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A Sustainable Trail is a trail that upholds its popularity over time.

How does one determine if trail is a “good quality” trail?

The fundamental principle behind Green Flag is that only you yourself can decide what is best for you; no outside trail “expert” who decides which trails are “good” and “bad”, can make the decision for you. For a hiker to have a good experience he or she thus requires correct information to make an informed choice

How can one ensure that a trail is being used repeatedly by hikers over a long life-span?

There are three foundation stones to be adhered to…..

  • If  hikers experience exactly what they have been promised, they will be satisfied and regard it a good trail to visit again and to promote it to fellow hikers.
  • If the trail and associated facilities (bridges, stiles, trail markers, parking site, accommodation, etc.) are safe and well-maintained, hikers will probably enjoy the hike and come again.
  • For a trail to remain popular, sound environmental maintenance need to be adhered to by the trail manager. Degraded landscapes create a feeling of disgust.

Correct information; safety and environmental responsibility are the key ingredients of  “good ” trail.