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Informed Choice

When a trail user has all the information he or she needs about a trail to make an informed choice, then the trail experience tends to live up to the users expectation.

The world has innumerable trails or many types and varying standards, some people like difficult terrain, other a pristine wilderness experience, while yet others may prefer a rich cultural experience on a trail.

The more informed we are the more likely we are to find the trail that suits us best. Having a universally accepted list of criteria helps trail managers know where in the scheme of things their trail fits, and helps potential trail users decide to give it a go.

The fundamental principle behind Green Flag is thus that only you yourself can decide what is best for you; no outside trail “expert” who decides what is “good” and “bad” can make the ideal choice for you.

For an explanation of the criteria needed to describe a trail in detail, see  Assessment criteria.