Introduction to Green Flag Trails and Becoming a Certified Green Flag Trails Auditor

Trails are the original pathways of connec’on, linking our communi’es to resources for survival, connec’ng us to other communi’es and to nature. Today in the world trails are about offering healthy recrea’on and tourism ac’vi’es to visitors. They allow us to directly experience a place, its nature and its natural surroundings and cultural heritage.

Trails are a valuable and significant asset to any community and like all infrastructure assets they require careful planning, on-going care, maintenance and improvement to ensure they con’nue to deliver benefits to all users.

Trail managers require first-hand knowledge of trail conditions to determine maintenance schedules, budgets and construction needs. Without a clear and consistent system in place for monitoring trails and aligning them to a set of defined trail standards it becomes trail maintenance become haphazard and may result in poorer trail conditions and concomitant deterioration of the resource.

To secure the social, economic and environmental benefits trails create for any community, it is essential to have a strong and simple system in place to care for the trails themselves. Timely interventions can save a lot of money and ‘me. Safety can avoid unnecessary injuries or deaths with possible prolonged legal implications.

An objective system that assesses, monitors and accredits a trail will increase the skills of local trail custodians and managers and ensure ongoing enjoyable experiences by trail users.